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Build homes that people love at prices they can afford.
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Core Values


Produce outstanding results that surprise and amaze people.


Understand what you are accountable for, take responsibility for your results.


Challenge conventional thinking, explore creative solutions.


The combination of trust, communication and collaboration

oWow is a vertically integrated company whose mission is to build homes that people love at prices they can afford. We have Development, Design, Construction and Property Management divisions in-house working closely together as a highly functional team by combining trust, communication and collaboration. Not content with the status quo, we challenge conventional thinking and explore creative solutions to the problems of high cost housing. We are all owners, sharing in the project equity, understanding what we are each accountable for, and taking responsibility for our results. Over the past two years we have created an innovative system based on the recently implemented Type IV Mass Timber codes. Utilizing ecologically sustainable beamless Mass Ply panels, we focus on two standardized unit layouts allowing optimized supply chain management and productivity. Our completed product data confirms cost and time savings over market of 20% to 30%.

Join Our Team

We're always looking for talented individuals to join our team.  Learn more about our open roles: 

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