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A unique mass timber structural framing system

We use a unique combination of mass plywood floor panels point-supported on mass plywood columns to achieve a lightweight, highly efficient, environmentally friendly structure that is extremely fast to erect.


  • Environmentally friendly – sustainably harvested, small carbon footprint

  • Fast erection times

  • Lighter weights equal reduced building weights, smaller foundations, smaller seismic systems

Prefabricated building components

We use factory-built, prefabricated components wherever possible to reduce site labor costs and construction time. By building key components in the factory we can achieve higher quality control at lower costs.

  • Prefabricated panelized façade systems

  • Prefabricated mass timber with integrated hardware

  • Prefabricated bathroom pods

Cutting edge design and construction delivery technology

Our integrated team leverages the latest in design and construction delivery technology to improve coordination between the design team, consultants and subcontractors.


  • Building Information Modeling

  • Coordination and clash detection before construction

  • Laser scanning / point clouds / real time modeling

  • CAD-CAM/CNC machining

  • Construction sequence simulation

Standardized systems and components across projects

All of our projects use the same standard kit of parts in order to reduce costs and timelines across all stages of the project - from design through construction.  This helps us: 


  • Reduce design engineering time, cost and complexity

  • Streamline materials procurement and supply chain management

  • Achieve consistent, high quality construction across projects

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